Zoning your home and removing hot spots

Winter is a great time of year for baking. A few weeks ago I was baking at a friend’s house. Baking is really just an excuse for us to get together and talk. After some time I needed to use the restroom and went upstairs to where her bathroom is and noticed how cold it was in the bathroom and surrounding rooms. I noticed that her thermostat was in the kitchen where she had had the oven on and was cooking on the stovetop. This was a “hot spot” in her house so the thermostat was reading that it was warm even though the rest of the house was cold. I recommended she call her HVAC company to see what could be done. They sent an HVAC technician the next day. The technician said he could move the thermostat to another room but he recommended having the house zoned. This meant that he could install another thermostat in a different area of the house and the heat could be controlled in just that area. Dual zones would be energy efficient and more comfortable for the rest of the family while the oven was on. This meant also that the air-conditioning could be controlled this way too. My friend decided to have the other thermostat installed upstairs. Now she can keep the bedrooms warm in the winter or cool in the summer without having to keep the whole house at one temperature. This also means we can get together and bake more frequently.

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