Zone control

Have you ever wondered why your house is heated unevenly? I know that I have wondered that. Every winter I have the same issue. My bedroom is freezing cold while the rest of the house is really warm. This year I decided to take action. I called a HVAC technician to come inspect my HVAC system. After he was done with the inspection, he informed me that there was nothing wrong with my heating system. He told me that my problem was the location of my thermostat. I thought it might be simple for him to put the thermostat in my bedroom. He said that would not work. If he put the thermostat in my bedroom, then my heater would work endlessly to attempt to keep my bedroom warm. I asked him what the solution would be. He suggested installing a zone control system. Zone control goes one step further than my proposed solution. Zone control will install a second thermostat in my bedroom. This thermostat will control the heater and dampers. The dampers will be installed to direct the airflow to my bedroom when the rest of the house is already warm. I was told that this will allow me to keep the thermostat for the rest of my house lower. I will be able to save money on heating costs this way. I will also be warm in my bedroom. If you are having issues with uneven heating and cooling in your home, I would suggest installing zone control. Zone control has reduced my heating bills and increased the comfort of my home.furance installation