Zone control systems

It is near impossible to please everyone in this world. Heck, it is hard to please everyone in my own house sometimes. I have been blessed with four beautiful children, but it is difficult to get all six of us on the same page at times. We are a tight-knit family, but we still have heated disagreements. For example, we argue when it comes to what to have for dinner each night. How the heck can you possibly please that many people for every single meal? It is impossible. While my wife struggles with what to make for dinner on some occasions, I often have to struggle with balancing the HVAC equipment in our home. We live in a house that is close to a century old. While this is very nice, we are in a constant battle to make our house the same temperature. Often times, the heater will make the living room so darn warm while the upstairs bedrooms are still frozen solid. When I called an HVAC company, one of their technicians said I should stop fighting my old house and simply work around it. Now, I have an HVAC system with zone control so I do not have a thermostat trying to make the entire house the same exact temp all day long. Rather, I have specific rooms being treated. This has lowered my utility bills a ton and also made my kids much more happy as well. I am forever indebt to that HVAC technician who helped my family out. He was a true professional.HVAC unit