Zone control

I love being in control. Some people think this is a bad thing. I see it differently. I want to control my own fate. What I am doing and where I am going can all be decided by me. I understand this cannot happen with every aspect in my life, but when there is an opportunity I take it. This is why I decided to buy a zone control system for my house. It frustrated me that I had to heat or cool my entire home to one temperature. It was a waste of money! I only went in about five rooms regularly out of the 12 that were in my home. I asked my HVAC provider if there was anything I could do about this. She told me about a zone control system. This system would allow me to control the temperatures for specific rooms. For example, I could set the five rooms I go into at a comfortable temperature and the other rooms to a lower or higher (depending on the season). The HVAC provider explained how this was save me money. My HVAC unit would not be working as hard. This would lower my energy bills. Also I would likely need fewer repairs for my unit. This was due to the fact that with the less stress on the unit, it would not break down as much. I loved the idea of controlling the temperature of each room. I had the unit installed immediately. I can now cross one more thing off my list of things I want to control.

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