Would have loved to have ac

My spouse and I enjoy taking our son offshore fishing at the lake right near our home. Our son is four years of age, and he absolutely loves fishing and trying to catch minnows with his hand held net. He has became so good at catching those little striped bass in his net, better than me, anyways. Most of the time we go at nighttime when it is cooler but for some reason we went during the day yesterday. The temperature was so hot and humid. All I could think about was going back to our car enjoy the air conditioning and cool down. I was so hot and sweaty that this was hard to enjoy being with my family. After sweating so much that made my clothes soaking wet, I had no other choice but to walk back to our car and turn on the air conditioner. The cool surroundings felt wonderful on my hot skin, and about ten min’s later, I was cooled down and feeling better. It was hard for me to exit the cool climate and return to my husband and son in the humid and hot environment. I couldn’t understand how my son and husband had the ability to stand in the hot weather for so long. When I asked if they wanted to go to the car for several minutes to use the air conditioner, they said no and continued fishing. I spent more time sitting in the shade than fishing, and when we finally left I just couldn’t wait to get home where our HVAC system was cooling our home so well.

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