Working out

Staying physically active while in a crazy climate like we have in our area can be a challenge sometimes. Say I want to go for a run before work, but all of a sudden it starts to pour. Another example would be wanting to for a bike a ride but the outside world has been a raging snow-globe for a month straight. In situations like this, the best way to go is working out indoors. For this reason, my housemate and I have invested in a treadmill, an elliptical, and a set of weights, and in the process we turned our spare room into a mini gym. It is a really good thing that we have a great HVAC system to keep us comfortable while we are working out. My favorite thing to do is just open up the window for fresh air, but if it is freezing cold outside or windy and rainy, this may not be an option. So we run the air conditioner in the humid and hot summer weather and the furnace in the middle of the cold, brutal winters. Having good indoor air quality is essential for getting a good workout. If the air is not properly filtered, it can be harder to breathe and you will tire faster. Also, if you are too warm while working out, the same thing happens. It does not matter how good your training equipment is, if you do not have a good central heating and cooling system in a climate like ours, chances are you will struggle to get through even the most simple workout routine.

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