Working on my home

When I met my husband, he was the most handsome and charming young man I could have possibly imagined at that moment. He was selling flowers downtown on the corner of the little hipster cafe where cool underground bands would participate in. His style was subtle but brilliant and he had a twinkle in his eye that I simply couldn’t describe. The first months of our relationship were just like a fairytale. The first few years were pretty enjoyable too. Unfortunately nowadays he makes me super angry just about every night. It’s always something completely different but he always gets my own blood boiling. My good friends recommended getting couples’ therapy or maybe a divorce. Instead I got a HVAC system upgrade. This probably sounds odd to most, but in my case, I think this brand new climate control system will save my marriage. When things get heated, the air conditioner gets powered on. I found that when We get angry, there is some sort of internal brain furnace that converts on and my head gets extremely hot. This make things really bad, so with the A/C on, I can relax and take a step back to reassess the case. This little trick of HVAC concept doesn’t always completely solve the matter though. On those days, the heating and cooling zone control feature gets used. I simply set the thermostat in our bedroom to a very low temperature and the air conditioning then keeps my better half away because he gets cold easily. Utilizing climate control in this fashion will be the only way to save this particular relationship.

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