Working and not having cooling

All of my co-workers happened to be fed up with our office. None of the managers communicate well, in addition to the fact that our schedules are always messed up because of conflicting problems. I know all of this is unfair, in addition to the fact that I wish they would keep people organized better. These types of complications have been going on since I have been an employee, five years ago. I absolutely reached my limit yesterday, because our HVAC system stopped working. It was rather abrupt, so the manager contacted in HVAC worker immediately. The HVAC contractor was busy, plus would not be able to come and meet in our office until the next day. This happened to be a serious inconvenience, in addition to the fact that they could not return for several mornings. Every one of us had to spend our mornings in the office without A/C. It made everyone of us feel exactly miserable. I’m hopeful that this will not happen again, once the HVAC system is finally fixed in addition to in working order. Myself in addition to others decided to read up on all of the problems for our HVAC unit. Our leadership team should be very respectful, because the cooling system is directly connected to our well-being. When the office is stuffy in addition to human, all of my co-workers in addition to myself feel like going home. A cool environment helps us to feel like we want to stay at work. It’s very important for our bosses to make sure that our office is always comfortable, for all of the employees.

HVAC worker