When the cows need heat

Living in a very Northern climate, you got to see all four seasons.  Fall was by far my favorite, but spring, summer and winter were also beautiful in their own rights.  However, I think my least favorite season would have to be the winter.  Sure, I love a good hockey game and watching the winter Olympics, but the snow and cold day in and day out don’t cut it for me.  And on one very cold day, it didn’t cut it for my aunts cows either.  This had to be the coldest day of the year by far – blustering winds, snow whirling all around, and temperatures dipping in the low teens.  Usually animals can survive in conditions like this – think back on how Darwin’s finches lived; natural selection.  So the strongest cows should have survived and will continue to survive.  However, since we have modern technology at our fingertips, we needed to help aid this process. We noticed that the cows were looking very cold and not really sitting together as they normally do – they just were acting very off.  When we went out to take a look, we realized that some of them had icicles hanging from their noses.  This was a sign that something had to be done right away.  We called our HVAC technician on hand and asked to make an emergency appointment to get the heat up and running in the barn.  We didn’t think this would be a hard task since we have always had heat and fans running in the barn – however, we didn’t use the furnace last winter so we were unsure of the condition.  Low and behold, the furnace was not in working condition.  Luckily, the technician came out within the hour and fixed it – just switched the circuit board wiring in the thermostat and then cleaned out the air filter and ventilation surrounding it.  He then gave us a tip that we should clean the area surrounding the furnace regularly (especially because of all of the hay and dirt from the farm), and also change our air filters monthly.  We now know for next time how to keep all of the cows warm and happy!

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