Weird jean dreams

I had an interesting dream the other night. In my dream I worked in a factory that only made jeans. The jeans all needed to have tears in the knees and legs. In my dream I was tearing the jeans to make them look right. All the blue jeans came on a big conveyer belt and I handled each pair. I remember how bad it hurt my fingers to cut holes in each pair of jeans. Next I had to color each pair of jeans. There were white jeans, light blue jeans and black jeans. I also had to put studs in certain pairs and apply glitter to other jeans. It was exhausting working with all those pair of jeans. I hated my job I remember. I am not a jean person by any means. I actually hate wearing jeans. I am convinced jeans are not meant for my body. I have strong legs from doing gymnastics but I do not really have any butt on me. I also do not like tight clothes. Because of this I have given up wearing jeans. I actually gave all of my blue jeans away to my mother. I noticed the other day that there was one pair left in my closet. I think this is what got my dreaming and thinking about jeans. The whole dream consisted of me handling jeans and taking care of jeans. When I woke up I remember being glad that I made the decision to not wear jeans anymore. I have no idea though why I dreamed that weird nightmare last night.

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