Wedding with no air conditioner

Not long ago I attended an outdoor wedding, and it went badly. I’m sure of the fact that bride thought we would have the perfect weather when she planned to have her ceremony and reception in a very field near a large fish-pond. There were ducks and swans swimming through the water, and daisies blooming inside the field. Unfortunately, there was no access to any type of temperature control. Without a thermostat to modify the setting, we were subject to the weather. Although it has been early in June, when everyone usually enjoys mild temperatures, lovely skies and sunshine, the day became extremely hot.  The temperature had climbed up inside the low nineties by ten o’clock on that day, and it only got worse as the day went on. The humidity was very unpleasant in addition to there being no hint of a breeze. Most of the guests hid in their cars with the air conditioning blasting. The entire bridal party got sunburned and the best man passed out from sun poisoning. The bride and groom have been drenched in sweat for their photographs, the cake melted, and additionally we battled swarms of flies and mosquitos. I can’t imagine why anyone would think it’s a good idea to plan a wedding with no means to access HVAC. The bride’s family spent a fortune to provide the perfect day, and because there was no air conditioning, it turned into the worst time ever. Very few people stuck around for the toast or the dancing. We were all much too overheated and desperate to cool down.

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