Want to work in AC

I recently made the decision  to quit an office job.  I was hoping to find a job that would allow me to spend more time outside. I really like being out in the sun and fresh air, and I always hated working in a small cubicle with tons of other irritated people. I consider working outside as the greatest freedom. I used to feel like  a pigeon trapped in a cage whenever I arrive at the office. After I left my  job, I had to figure out the type of job that I was going to hope for. I read an advertisement in the local paper for an opening at an HVAC company. I applied because I assumed the job would allow me  to work mainly outside. The one problem with my application is that I have no knowledge of air conditioning or heating equipment. The application asked if I had an understanding of the installation, maintenance and repair of a/c  and heating equipment.   I answered yes. This is not exactly correct.  I could argue that having a modern HVAC system installed in my house does mean that I am aware of the importance of proper HVAC services. I was shocked when I got a call from the HVAC company asking me to come in for an interview. To be truthful, I expected to look like a fool when they started asking me questions. I visited  the local library,and found a book on HVAC for dummies. I hoped to  get a general understanding of terminology. I totally failed the interview.  I had no idea what they were talking about within five minutes of the conversation.  I eventually a job for a landscaping company.

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