Want AC for sports

I have been a sports fan since as long as I can remember. I spent my childhood years watching all my favorite competitors, and dreamed of someday being exactly like them. I had played a whole lot of sports under the sun during my life, but my favorite is likely to always be basketball. I still played in a league at 30 years! We practiced once a week during our short season, and I was very grateful of the fact that that gym had a good air conditioner. I couldn’t imagine playing with a terrible cooling system. I was growing old, and temperatures really affected everyone. I also had bad allergies, so a good heating and cooling system was recommended to provide me with a higher level air quality that would keep my allergies from exploding. After all, nobody would want to play with a guy who kept sneezing all over the place! I really enjoyed being in such a league. The guys were awesome, and it felt great to stay shape. The air conditioner in the gym made it all possible. I also made sure I had a good air conditioner inside my home as well. What would be the point of going to an air conditioned gym if I had to go home after and sweat inside of a furnace! I had my heating and cooling system inspected twice within a 365 period. It didn’t cost me a lot of money either. My teammate was an HVAC computer technician and he gave me a discount on the price. He made sure my HVAC system was always in high quality order. If we could do the same for his jump shot, we might win a few more games!

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