Vacuuming around the air vents

I recently saw a news special on television that focused on what could be hiding in your home’s carpet. I was disgusted. Beyond all the tiny food and dirt particles, there could also be things called dust mites lurking in your carpet’s fibers. They are little tiny organisms that feed on the stuff within your rugs and carpets. They are absolutely disgusting. After watching this report on the news, I decided to start taking better care of my property. I was going to start cleaning and vacuuming more often to make my house a safer place to live. Ever since that date, I have done a pretty good job at keeping that promise. Other than my feet feeling like they were walking on cleaner floors, I also realized the indoor air quality of my house seemed to improve dramatically because of the vacuuming. I think my heater and air conditioner were having to deal with less dust and dirt as well. Who knew that such a simple cleaning method could improve so many different facets of my home? Now, the vacuuming also stirred up some dormant dust particles as well so I realized that my air filters were collecting more particles. However, that was not an issue because now I simply replace those every month so my HVAC equipment can run cleanly. I am very impressed with how responsible of a homeowner I have become, especially with how lazy I used to be. I look forward to living in a clean home with healthy heating and cooling equipment for years to come.