Using a hair trap instead of bathroom plumbing

I am one of four kids. I have three sisters and one brother. We are all pretty close in age. That is nice because we all have common interests and mutual friends. Personally, I love being close with my siblings. Seeing other families who do not get along is sad. It is so nice to be able to call your siblings some of your best friends. I am sure my parents love how much we all get along. I would love it too if I never had to hear bickering and arguing. Well, I shouldn’t say never. I admit, there are times when my siblings and I get into arguments. Sometimes we fight about what to watch on television or get mad at each other when somebody borrows clothes without asking. The one thing that bothers me the most personally is when one of my siblings forgets to clean out the hair trap in the shower. My mom bought us a mini hair trap to cover the drain of the shower we all share. It stops hair before it goes down the drain and clogs the pipe. Using a hair trap can limit the amount of drain cleaning and number of visits from the plumber. Bathroom plumbing can be gross to deal with at times. When my siblings forget to clean out the hair trap, they leave their hair in it and water in the shower gets backed up. It is easy for them to clean out I just wish they would always remember to do it. If they don’t my mom tells them they will have to clean the pipes themselves.

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