Upgrading my faucet

I am an assistant athletic director at a Division III college. We take pride in how we treat our fans and athletes, despite only competing at the Division III level. Along with that, we try to make our facilities as nice as possible so not only do people want to come and watch the games, but that some players actually choose to attend our great university because of the facilities as well. We have a one major building that houses our basketball court as well as swimming pool. These matches typically draw a large number of students, fans from the community, as well as alumni. This summer, while school was not in session, I made the suggestion that we remodel our bathrooms in this building because they were getting pretty outdated. I was given the green light to go ahead with the project. Upgrading the faucets and the bathroom plumbing was my first order of business. We washed all the sinks and repainted most of them, while also replacing most of the plumbing behind the wall as well. We finished it off by installing new faucets that did not leak or make any funny noises whatsoever. My hope is that people realize that we care about our athletic facilities and think our programs deserve a nice place to call home. Not everyone will appreciate new plumbing, but a few people have already come up to my office and exclaimed how nice the bathrooms look right now. At the very least, I am glad I made our game day experience even just a little bit better.

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