Uncles cool fireplace

I’m sure every family has their oddball members that everyone else in the family has to wonder about from time to time. My family is no different. I have a strange uncle Jim that we’re all a little anxious about, and usually he does okay; he works at a local electronics store and he pretty much keeps to himself mostly. He also comes up with strange inventions and he even has some patents; For instance, his latest patent improves residential heating and cooling energy consumption by using a patented evaporating technique. You see, he had a minor complication with his furnace a few months back and rather than calling an HVAC professional he decided to improve the entire system. This abruptly resulted in a new patent for the HVAC industry.  Even though uncle Jim has a great HVAC system, he gathers firewood from around town and stokes a fire all day to keep his little cabin at a livable temperature.  We don’t understand why he would do that when his HVAC system is fantastic and he owns several HVAC patents.

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