Turning the A/C on and off

I certainly love my children, but now and then,  their constant complaining can make it difficult to be around them! I have six children, and it seems as though they typically have six wildly different opinions about every little thing. They can never agree on an ice cream flavor, a film to watch, or even what temperature we set the thermostat at.  My oldest son would like the thermostat turned down to a chilly sixty-eight degrees, because he prefers to wear heavy sweatshirts and sleeps underneath a mountain of blankets. The middle son despises having the air conditioner running at all.  He’d like to turn the thermostat up to eighty-five  degrees, even in the middle of the summertime! Of course, my youngest daughter doesn’t care about thermostats or air conditioning, but she loves arguing with the other five kids. My husband and I have gotten skilled at ignoring their arguments.  However, last Sunday, we reached the breaking point. It rained all weekend, and so all six were stuck in the house. Instead of playing a game, reading, or  watching television without aggravating each other, they decided to argue about everything.   The rain had created terrible humidity, so we had the A/C was running on high.  Of course, the kids started fighting over the thermostat.  They were turning the air conditioner on and off repeatedly.  When I had enough of it,  I had to send them to their rooms.  I then set the thermostat to my preference, got a cup of coffee, and enjoyed some quiet time with my wife.  We enjoyed the air conditioner.

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