Trying to afford radiant floors

Every Christmas, I spend massive amounts of money on presents, decorations, food, and holiday cards.  When my credit card bill arrives in the mail, I break out in a sweat and nearly throw up.  After all that spending, I have nothing to show for it but a giant debt.  I work so hard to earn that money, and it just disappears with a bunch of wrapping paper and bows.  I am not a big fan of Christmas.  I despise the winter weather, and stress over the enormous expense.  I’m sure my family would not be happy, but I would like to cancel our Christmas celebration this year.  If I could avoid the holidays for just one year, I would have the money to spend on something I really want.  I could invest in something that would make me happy day after day.  I would definitely have radiant flooring installed in my kitchen and bathroom.  It would be so wonderful to walk across a warm and toasty floor on a freezing cold day in January.  Instead of wearing thick socks and fuzzy slippers, I could dance barefoot on my ceramic tiles.  Installing radiant flooring would help to lower my monthly heat bills.  It would lessen some of the workload on my poor, tired furnace.  Best of all, radiant flooring can’t bee seen or heard.  The system is hidden under the floor, and it is completely silent.  There’s no giant, ugly air handler sitting in the middle of the room.  There’s no dust blowing around, or hot and cold spots to deal with.  Radiant floors are the perfect substitute for a Christmas celebration.

heated floor