Trouble shooting on your furnace

The leaves have begun to fall from the trees and the temperature has drastically dropped in recent days. As we started to prepare for the upcoming winter months my wife suggested that we test the furnace to ensure things are running properly. So we turned the old girl on. A loud humming noise could be heard throughout the house, it was followed by a frightening bang and then silence. My first thought was that this can’t be good.  I trudged into the basement to see what might be the problem. I should mention here that I know nothing about heating systems. I only went into the basement to impress my wife. It also was a good place to make a phone call to my HVAC technician, without my wife knowing. He advised me to check the filters and the ignition switch. After walking me through a few troubleshooting steps with no luck, he said he would be right over. I returned to our living room and told my wife all the things I tried to fix and said that I thought it best to call a professional HVAC technician. When he arrived and surveyed the damage, he recommended that we have a full maintenance work up. He replaced all the filters, the ignition switch, and checked the exhaust vents.  He also cleared the gas lines and that is where he found our problem. One of the gas lines was damaged. This caused a safety issue and the furnace has an automatic shutoff in case of things like this. After a quick replacing of our gas line, that old furnace fired right up.

furnace repair