Town has two ac men

Our town suffered through a terrible natural disaster when a tornado ripped through the area, and took out 25% of the local businesses. We had winds that night hat ripped entire homes in half. The rain that the storm brought was severe, leaving parts of the area either destroyed or nearly so. A lot of companies were forced into retirement or decided to go out of business, which made us all sad, however, when the majority of the rebuilding was finished, various new sites emerged. My hubby, Mike and I lost our air conditioning provider in the storm, so we knew we would need to choose another before the hot, summer season.   We have always had the HVAC equipment tuned-up before the summer, and it can get entirely too hot in our sizzling sun, especially with no mountains to provide shade. So Mike and I started looking for another air conditioning provider. We located several current companies that opened in our area of town recently. After studying some online reviews, Mike and I found the decision even more difficult to make, when we saw that both air conditioning providers were rated similarly as well as each company was running the exact same special. This decision would be entirely too difficult to make without using the proper tools, so I grabbed my special gold coin from it’s box, and flipped it over for good luck. Mike assigned each air conditioning provider to a corresponding side of the coin. As I watched the coin flip through the air, I wondered which air conditioning provider Mike and I would be choosing.

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