tips for your thermostat

My mom wasn’t feeling well recently so we went to the Dr.  After ordering some blood tests, and a sonogram he felt that she would be best served to have a minor procedure done that would require a hospital stay.  She wasn’t going to be in long, just three or four days.  So, the next morning we packed a bag for her and drove to the hospital where she was admitted.  It took a little while for a room to become available but eventually we went upstairs to get her settled into her hospital room.  She wasn’t thrilled about it but she knew the procedure was necessary so she was being a trooper.  We were sitting in her room visiting, waiting for them to come take her down for surgery and I mentioned that I was a little cold.  She said that she had noticed a drop in the temperature about half an hour ago but didn’t want to say anything.  When the nurse came in to check on mom, I asked about the room being so cold.  She offered to bring my mother another blanket, and just said that the hospital HVAC unit is on a schedule and at that time of the day the a/c kicks on under the assumption that there will be more people and more activity, this way it didn’t get too hot.  She brought the other blanket but they are like paper, and did nothing to keep her warm.  While my mother was in surgery, my husband ran to her house and grabbed her a nice warm bathrobe to wear during her stay.  We hadn’t thought that the A/C would be set so low that you could see your breath!

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