Tips for your new heater

I’ve never been the sort of person you would consider to be particularly academic. When I was in highschool I started a summer job at a farm. It was hard work but I liked it. I could breath fresh air and be outside in the sun all day. I was also always a very skinny kid but finally all the manual labor was starting to put some muscle on me. I decided that I loved it so much that I was going to drop out of high school and continue on with the farm job. The pay wasn’t great at first but there was room for upward mobility within the ranks. I could drive the tractors or be a foreman. Once that winter came around it changed a little bit. It was difficult to be outside in the cold for so much of the day, but I was young and spry and I knew I could handle it. Now many years have gone by and I am still working at the same farm. The things like the intense heat and intense cold that I didn’t mind as a youngster are now almost unbarable. Everyday, whether it’s winter or summer, I can’t wait to get my body out of the elements and into my air conditioned or heated home. Young people don’t seem to grasp the importance of having a really good HVAC system for your day to day tasks. Working 8-10 hours in an uncontrollable outdoor climate is never going to be better that that same time in a perfectly cooled or heated office. If I could go back I don’t know if I would change things, at least I have heating and cooling in my tractor and a reliable HVAC system in my home.

new heater