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The other day in gym was just awful. As a warmup, they said that we had to run 5 minutes and then do exercises for 5 minutes. This in itself was not a huge deal, but I really dislike running, so it was not all that great. I figured that since we had already run for five minutes at the beginning of class, and we did not do a cool down or stretching circle or anything like that, that we would not have to play a game that involved running for the rest of the class time. However, I was wrong, and we played a game where you basically run until you become tagged out with a ball by the other team. I was very tired because of this, and I was even more tired because of the heating system that they use in there. I don’t understand why they use the heating system so much in there. I mean, the gym teachers always wear long sleeves and sweatpants everyday, so I don’t see how they are even comfortable in the heating that they have either. The heating is just too much! And it isn’t like that is how the heating system is for the whole school, because when you walk out of the gym you can tell that it is much cooler in the hallway. It is really quite strange. I really wish they would stop running the heating system so stinking high inside of that gymnasium. Either that or make the class run much less than they make us right now.

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