Tips for improving your air ducts

Many people dive into construction projects in their home head first. They think that doing a complete remodel of their home is no big deal. They think it will just take a few days. Most times weeks or even months go by and they are still working and laying money into it. Several issues always arise once you start moving things around and tearing up floors and walls. One huge issue is the amount of dust that accumulates. Your home becomes a dust bowl. You must wear masks to protect your nose and body from the harmful dust. Doesn’t it make sense that you must seal off other parts of your home too? One part in particular is that you must seal off air ducts. Most people don’t realize the harm that dust in your air ducts will produce. First, it will affect your air quality. If the dust goes into the ducts, it’s bound to come back out into your air and circulate through your home. Second, what happens if the dust causes a back up in your ductwork? You could be restricted from heat. If you have a gas furnace in your home, then it emits a small amount of carbon monoxide. Now, normally this is exhausted from your home. However, if your ductwork is backed up and dirty, then where will the carbon monoxide go? It will enter your home. Carbon monoxide is deadly to humans and animals. So this will first affect your air quality, but it even has the potential to cause an explosion in your home as well.

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