This will be a huge improvement

I have always been happy with the location of our house.  It’s great having no neighbors and we’re surrounded by a beautiful trees, hills, and small streams.  Although our house is really old, I’ve made sure that is modern in every way.  I’ve spend a lot of time, money, and work to making everything perfect.  I’ve entirely renovated every single room in the house to be comfortable and charming.  I’ve installed new windows, put in insulation, updated the Heating and A/C system, and bought modern light fixtures.  The only feature that I am unable to improve is the condition of our well water.  We have hard water and this problem just about ruins living in the house.  The water is so corrupted with minerals such as calcium, lime, and rust, that even a water softener can’t fix it.  I’ve bought various types of water softeners that only succeed in diminishing our supply of water.  Unfortunately, the hard water results in buildup and clogs in the pipes.  It corrodes pipes and fixtures, and ruins appliances such as the dishwasher and washing machine.  In our home, a water tank only lasts around three or four years.  I gave up on a dishwasher because the dishes come out stained and cloudy.  White clothing, linens and towels end up stained a shade of orange.  The hard water even negatively impacts my family’s skin, hair and teeth.  I’ve dealt with plumbers, and we can’t come up with a way to combat such hard water.  I fight against constant clogged drains, hard water stains, clogged aerators, and frequent leaks.  The water tastes and smells truly awful. We don’t drink it, but pay for a delivery of spring water. plumbing tune-up