This is no place to be with a broken air conditioner

Okay, I know what you are thinking: why on earth am I admitting to spending time at a massage parlor? Well, believe me when I say that not all massage parlors are seedy places. In fact, while they may have a bad reputation among some people, there are those of us with bad back problems who simply must have a professional massage every week or so in order to walk around without feeling extreme pain. I am one of those people. So, I found a massage parlor not too far from my home, and have become a regular customer there. Apparently, the air conditioning unit at the parlor quit working last week and they still have not found a certified HVAC technician to repair the unit. The humidity level in the building is close to unbearable, and this has made all the girls very grouchy. The heat, moisture and stuffiness prevents me from relaxing during my weekly massage. And it is not just the heat that is a problem. The air quality is now terrible in there! Dust particles are visible in all the rooms and it smells musty, like there may be model in the ductwork. This time of year it is very important to have properly functioning A/C – especially at a massage parlor! If they don’t get a reputable HVAC provider to send a serviceman out there soon, I may have to look for another place to get my back rubbed. If I do, I guarantee you it will be nice and cool, with clean, high-quality air and ventilation. You can bet on that.