This is a quality system

Since I first purchased my house, fourteen years ago, I’ve wanted nothing more than to tear out the old furnace. I don’t like anything about forced air heating. The hot and cold spots throughout the house are quite annoying, and any heat within the home is most likely stuck at the ceiling. Furnaces blow air throughout the house, spreading dust, bacteria, and harmful toxins. Mine seems to constantly be running, and yet my house isn’t doesn’t stay warm during cold winter nights. My monthly heating bills can get expensive, and the central heater requires constant maintenance. Plus, I’m concerned about issues with the duct system. The air we breathe passes through the duct system multiple times per day, and yet there could very well be mold, dust and decomposing mice inside it. Even tiny holes or leaking duct joints waste a huge amount of heated air, inflicting higher energy bills, and diminishing comfort. I want to eliminate this furnace and duct system and replace it with a hydronic heating system. Everyone informs me that it’s far too expensive and labor-intensive to modify styles of heating equipment. My furnace is now at the point where it needs to be replaced anyway. It is succumbing to consistent repairs, making weird noises at all hours of the day and night, and struggling to achieve the thermostat settings. I do not want to invest in a completely new furnace that I will be unhappy with. If I’m going to take out a loan and deal with the mess of installation, I should get the most beneficial heating system available. I know exactly what I want. I’m going to get a boiler with radiant flooring, and I’m prepared to rip down walls and ceilings, and rip up floors for it.

radiant heating