This climate control is terrible

My first year of college, I lived in the dormitories with one roommate, Jessica. Because of the room itself and Jessica, I hated the experience. She was always talking loudly in the room with her friends or on the phone, and she never cleaned up after herself. I also hated the size and location of the room. The space was basically a glorified prison cell, with matching bars on the window. To make things worse, we were on the top floor, where you never want to be in these old buildings. No matter the season, the heat collected in my room. In the summer, the A/C that cooled the girls on the first floor didn’t make it up to our room, forcing us to use our own fans. Using a window A/C unit wasn’t an option because of how small the windows were. In the winter, the furnace that kept the first floor students at a good temperature made the upstairs unbearably hot. We would sweat through our clothes all winter and have to keep using the fans. It would’ve been great to have the options that a thermostat provides. I wanted more A/C in the hot months and less heat in the colder ones. But, unfortunately, colleges don’t tend to give you a lot of choices. You have to suffer with forced air HVAC.

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