Thermostat maintenance

A few weeks ago, I had some troubles that caused me a constant headache. I was very busy at work which stressed me out a lot. One of my co workers quit and so I am now responsible for all of her work on top of my own. The only thing I want to do after work these days is go home and relax by myself all night. I used to go out for drinks and dinner with friends after work more often but now I barely see them. I find myself always heading home right after I get out of work. In addition to the stress caused from work, I was having issues with my thermostat at home. I am not comfortable if the heating and cooling settings in my home are not to my liking, so this thermostat issue was a big deal to me. It was a strange issue I have never had with my HVAC unit. I would set my thermostat to a certain temperature in the morning but when I came home, it was set at a totally different temperature. I don’t live with anyone, so I know nobody is adjusting the thermostat. Actual heat and air conditioning was still blowing out of the HVAC unit so I know nothing is wrong with that. It is simply the thermostat. I called for HVAC maintenance and someone came to resolve the issue within a few hours. Since my thermostat was fixed, everything had become better at home and at work. Work is now less stressful and I am more comfortable in my own home.