Thermostat in our house

Lately I have been going over the pros and cons of having a smartphone. It really bothers me to see people everywhere with their faces in their phones instead of paying attention to what is around them.  I think people miss so much. I will admit, I have guilty of this from time-to-time, which is why I have given serious consideration to trading mine in.  My biggest reason for not doing this is that my hubby installed a smart thermostat in our home that is controlled by an App on my phone. The smart thermostat is connected through WiFi and my smartphone is used to monitor and change the in-home temperature remotely. I will admit, even though I often find technology to be a burden, I do like to be able to set the temperature in my home so it is perfect when I get back from running errands.  When I am driving home from a store, work or one from my daughter’s many activities, I really love having the ability to tell my thermostat the exact temperature I want when I get home. During the wintertime, when the outside temperature can be very cold, I set my smart thermostat to about 72 degrees for when I arrive home. Then in the summer, I can cool the house for my arrival as well. The smart thermostat not only is great for our families comfort after a long day, but it also helps you to save us money. We no longer need to leave the furnace or air conditioner running for hours on end when the house is completely empty. If it wasn’t for our smart thermostat, I would ditch my smartphone; however, since I’m not willing to go back to an uncomfortable home or a higher utility bill, I will be keeping it.

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