The town cooling shop

I really don’t understand my wife always want to take a stroll downtown, when it is the middle of the summer season. I don’t understand why they pursue to hold these huge events in the course of the summer at all, when it is practically over one hundred degrees outside. We live in the tropics, and the weather is always damp and hot during the summer season. It’s nearly impossible to get the motivation to leave the front porch, let alone stroll into town for a few hours just walking around. Still, our town seems to support these arts and crafts festivals during the middle of June on a regular basis, and my wife tends to make us go. I find myself extremely thankful for the many shops around the town. They mostly all have A/C inside, because we have a home in a tourist town. I often look for the occasional excuse, to get us into some of the many establishments. There are many galleries located in town, and they all pretty much have A/C. I have these stops planned out in advance, so that I can go into the cold A/C, every twenty or thirty minutes. I know that my wife isn’t fooled by my cunning strategy, but she doesn’t even mind so much. I know that all the humidity must affect her additionally, though she would never admit to it. That would give me good enough reason to not go with her all the time on these walks. Still, she always seems relieved, when we enter the places with A/C. The summers can be so hot and unpleasant, and I still just can’t understand why this is apparently the best time to hold these large festivals.

A/C clean up