The perfect heating setup

I moved into my dream home about eight years ago. I chose to live in the north deep in the woods. My home has a rustic feel to it being a rather large log cabin esque home. This is where I chose to live out the rest of my life so I definitely pulled all stops on it. I have an indoor hot tub and an outdoor pool. The hot tub room is surrounded by glass in the back of the house and overlooks the pool area and the woods stretching on beyond it. The pool itself looks like it was meant to be there, carved into the ground and surrounded by stone and plant life. Since the seasons change regularly here, I have a high end HVAC system in my finished basement that has it’s own room so it doesn’t have to be seen when down there. The HVAC system is very proficient at heating and cooling the house at my whim using the smart thermostats located in various rooms. I also have my pool heated to around seventy degrees. I didn’t stop with just the HVAC system for the comfort of warmth and cooling. Since most of the house is wood flooring with the exception of the kitchen and bathroom which are stone floors, all the floors have radiant heating beneath them. It wasn’t cheap, but it is comfortable. No matter what room you are in you don’t have to worry about cold feet and the radiant flooring helps heat the room which cuts down on the HVAC system usage.heating system