The importance of thermostats

Our thermostat at work did not seem to be working. Even when we adjusted it up to 78, it was still cold in the office. We knew it wasn’t our central air and heat itself because it was a fairly new unit. We called an HVAC team to test our systems and thermostat. After several hours of tests, they determined our first guess was correct. It was simply the thermostat which wasn’t working. Even though our central heating and air conditioning system was fairly new, apparently the previous company had not replaced our thermostats. We had the old-fashioned kind. Old-fashioned thermostats adjust by mercury in a glass cylinder that floats from left to right – similar to the operations of a thermometer. Today’s digital thermostats get more precise temperature readings. Once the HVAC technicians replaced all of our thermostats, our heating issue was solved. Strange that none of us realized the thermostats had not been changed. We decided to stick with the new HVAC company to maintain and service our equipment. They set up a regular schedule to change our air filters. They also gave us a service package which would cover any basic repairs needed in the next couple of years. What started out as a frustrating day ended in a good way. Our problem was resolved quickly and thoroughly, and we established a relationship with professionals who would look after our heating and air conditioning needs. Because of the excellent service we received, several of my co-workers contracted with the technicians to provide for their HVAC needs in their homes. That turned out to be a prosperous day for them, I am sure.thermostat