The heater

Every year I find myself longing for Spring’s warm weather. The weather of Wintertime is frigid plus dreary. The snow plus ice has gotten old. The piles of snow sit brown plus gross along the roadside… Even at the start of Wintertime when this snow is fresh plus clean I do not enjoy Wintertime. The frigid weather makes me feel very cooped up plus I hate being stuck inside for the long Wintertime weeks! Finally, just when I need it so badly, Spring will arrive. The snow will melt plus the sun will shine nice and bright. Spring’s arrival saves me from turning on the heating system all day every day. Our heating system works unbelievable well plus really I am grateful for it, but I do not enjoy running it. The heating system keeps the house warm through the entire cold season. The heating parts rarely causes us any concerns. It has only had a few minor concerns in the almost 6 years that we have had it. The biggest problem with our heating system is that it consistently dries out the air in our house. The dry air drives me nuts. It makes the house feel so stuffy. The stuffiness sticks around for the entire Wintertime because we run the heating system a lot during the Wintertime. I don’t know what to do about the stuffiness. Every one of us have an idea that controls the humidity, but it does not make the air damp enough when the heating system runs that often. The outside air is consistently cold during Wintertime but it is still fairly damp. The inside air has all the moisture removed by the electric heater. At least the heating system works so I should not complain too much.

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