The heated air isn’t coming in

I am not sure if there’s many things worse than being too cold. I have always been the type who gets cold very easily. I get chilled in the grocery store’s freezer section, many restaurants are way too chilly for me, and I am the person who keeps a space heater under my desk at work.  When we had an extremely cold winter storm last year, I was ready with wood for my fireplace and several extra blankets. Unfortunately, when I turned on my heater that night, it wouldn’t come on. I tried the breaker switches, fiddled with the thermostat, and looked at the outside unit. I couldn’t find anything that would get the heat going, and the house was already getting very cold. I called the HVAC tech I normally used, and he was not available until the next day. I knew it was going to be a miserable night, and it was. I don’t think I had ever been so cold and uncomfortable. I had fire, a space heater, and blankets, but I just couldn’t get warm enough to sleep. Thank goodness the HVAC tech was there early the next day. He checked everything for me and found out the only problem was the thermostat. It had worn out, so it was not signaling the unit to start. He suggested a brand new thermostat, and was able to install it in only a few minutes. As soon as he was done and fired up the heater for me, wonderfully warm air came blowing through the house at last. My new thermostat was amazing, as it allowed me to program my choice of temperature each day. Of course I programmed the heat to come on well before I arrived home each day.

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