The future

I like to sit and wonder what the future holds. I like to think about what we have accomplished in the last one hundred years and think about what we could accomplish in the next one hundred years. Will we finally have flying cars? Do we even need flying cars? Will there be some catastrophe that will set us back technologically? One of my personal favorite thoughts, and something I would love to make myself, is personal HVAC systems. Everyone feels the temperature differently from one another. How many times have you and a loved one had to settle on a temperature that only makes one of you happy while the other is either too hot or too cold? My thought is a system of clothing that runs it’s own HVAC to your body alone. Maybe some form of bubble that provides extra heat or extra cooling. You could be walking around your home in a bubble of sixty-five degrees while your loved one is walking around ten degrees higher than you. You wouldn’t need your home to be HVAC controlled anymore and you could take your HVAC bubble suit with you. No more would you be cold in the frozen food section of the supermarket or be out at a baseball game sweating under the hot sun. I feel an HVAC bubble suit would be pretty expensive and perhaps dangerous as well, but oh the fun thoughts of imagining it. I feel like astronaut suits must have something along those lines for when they are in space so maybe the technology is already here.

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