The elevated humidity is a problem

I truly adore my children, but periodically their constant complaining makes it difficult to be around them! I have three kids, and it seems as though they make it a point to have three totally different opinions about everything. They can never agree on what to have for lunch, what cartoon to watch, or even what temperature setting we should choose on the thermostat. My oldest daughter prefers having the temperature control set to a cold seventy degrees.  She always wears heavy clothing and loves to crawl under a mountain of blankets. My younger daughter hates having the air conditioner on, and would prefer to keep the thermostat set to eighty degrees, even during the summer season! Of course, my youngest boy doesn’t really care about the temperature control setting, but he enjoys arguing with his sisters. My wife and I have gotten rather adept at ignoring their arguments over temperature control settings.  Last Saturday, however, we had a truly difficult time. It rained all weekend, so the three kids were stuck in the house. Instead of playing a game together, or watching a few movies together, they started to argue about temperature levels. The rain had elevated the humidity levels, so the air conditioner was running.  The three kids could not compromise on how much a/c was needed for ideal comfort. After nearly an hour, I had enough. I  sent them to their rooms for the rest of the day, and set the thermostat to my liking. I cranked the air conditioner up high and relaxed.

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