The doctor’s office

Nobody, besides maybe hypochondriacs, like going to the doctor’s office. Aside from the annual checkup, there is never a reason to go to the Doctor that is good. We go there when we aren’t feeling well, get hurt or have something strange going on with us. They make us do weird things like filling up cups with samples and they stick needles in us. Most doctors I have seen have treated me like just another patient and not a person and I don’t care for that feeling either. The worst though is how cold the doctor’s office is. I understand the need for the office to be cool. I realize it is to reduce the spreading of diseases to other patients and they keep the air conditioning running for that reason, but I want heat. Especially when it’s winter and I come in from the cold. I want the furnace running nice and strong. You can’t even dress warm to go to the Doctor’s office because chances are they will have you disrobe and put on the flimsiest gown they can find and sit in the air conditioned examine room waiting for what feels like forever for it to be your turn with the doctor. Thanks for the sheet, I always think, when I’m freezing in the air conditioning wearing just that thin gown. The sheet really does nothing to combat the coldness of the air conditioning and I wish I could just stay in my warm clothes while the doctor examines me. I’m glad I don’t get sick often and only go once a year to the Doctor’s office. I feel like the air conditioning there will make me sick if I wasn’t already.

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