The climate control giving me concerns

I went to visit my mom this saturday and sunday, which is always a making the effort experience. We have trouble possessing along sometimes, and I don’t find that she gives me the credit we deserve or listens to me actually. This issue emerges in a lot of ways, but this trip was the first time that I’ve had a nightmare about our differences leading to an epic battle over the thermostat. It started before I went to bed, when she asked if she should turned off the air conditioning. I had told her no, I prefer to sleep in with cooling thus can bundle up in my blankets. She asked if that it was cold enough at 73 degrees, and I asked her to be able to please turn the temperature control down slightly lower. When I fell sleeping that night, I dreamt which woke up being covered in sweating, and when I examined the digital thermostat I discovered that she had bumped the indoor air temperature back up to 73 degrees again. I adjusted the environment temperature accordingly, and went into bed. This cycle continued repeatedly, with the implication that she was also getting out of bed to alter the thermostat spaces, despite my obvious discomfort and also the conversation we had earlier concerning A/C settings. When I woke up the next morning I was relieved to find that everything had all been a perfect, and couldn’t quite shake the intense amusement we received from experiencing such a passive aggressive dream of her heating and cooling.

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