The cat adores heating

My little pet Lilly is the light of my life, then she’s my precious little furbaby and I enjoy her more than anything in the whole world! She has more than two separate pet trees in peculiar rooms of the beach house so she has plenty of her own space. I’ve gotten her plenty of toys she enjoys to play with, I make sure to research all of her food to ensure she’s only eating the healthiest ones available, and of course her litter box gets scooped daily, however one of the number one things she likes to do is sunbathe, but in the Winter season she takes seeking warmth a little further by sleeping near the Heating as well as Air Conditioning vents that are heating my beach house from the gas furnace; Her fur gets all nice and toasty after she’s napped by the gas furnace and it feels so appealing to pet her, due to her enjoy of heating in the freezing weather I even bought a small section oil furnace that gets kept in my dining room, however it I can turn the gas furnace off at night, because the section oil furnace is heating my room. Lilly seems to really enjoy sleeping by the heating system too. I turn it to a lower setting throughout the afternoon to conserve energy and remove any fire hazard risks, but my pet can still enpleasure lying by it for the warmth the oil furnace is producing, and when Winter season ends and I no longer need heating in my beach house the section oil furnace gets put away and Lilly returns back to the window to sun bathe! These sorts of antics of hers are part of the reason I enjoy her so much!

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