The best anniversary gift you can get

As summer approaches and the temperature begin to rise many people start to install their Air-conditioning window units. My wife refuses to let me get one. She likes the country breezes that blow through our windows. For years I have complained that our bedroom is just too hot to sleep in and what a difference a window unit would make, however, we only have one window in the bedroom and my wife doesn’t want to fill it with a machine. I can’t blame her there. Last week we went to our friends Jake and Katie’s house for dinner and I commented on how cool their house was. Jake showed me what he had just purchased. It was a permanent wall unit A/C system. It didn’t go in a window it was installed right on the wall and vented outside. I began asking him a million questions about it. How much did it cost? Where did he get it? How much energy does it use? All I could see was that this beautiful machine was the answer to my problems. It didn’t take up a window and it didn’t require ductwork like central air did. It was just what we needed. Jake gave me the name and number of his heating and cooling company and I ran to my wife to tell her the news. I had found the answer! She smiled, patted my hand, and kissed my cheek. Then she told me Katie had told her all about it and that ours was going to be installed the very next day.

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