The bathrooms at a concert

For my girlfriend’s birthday I bought her tickets to go see her favorite band in concert. She has been to see them many times and really wanted to go again. Since I bought the tickets early they were not too expensive and I was really looking forward to going too. It would be a fun event that we could go to together and make a great memory. When the concert date finally rolled around we drove to it and pushed through the crowd to get as close to stage as we could. Eventually I had to use the bathroom so I pushed my way back out of the throng of people and headed toward the facilities at the venue. Thankfully there was no line at the men’s bathroom but when I entered two of the toilets were overflowing and there was water on the bathroom floor. It was a plumbing nightmare. I tried to keep my feet as dry as I could and as I got further inside I saw all the sinks were turned on but none of them were draining properly. Apparently every drain and pipe in the men’s bathroom had been clogged. I was honestly disgusted; a clean, functioning bathroom is something I have come to take for granted. I can only imagine the difficulties that the plumber will face when they come to fix this bathroom. Not only would they find the pipes packed full of who-knows-what but they would also probably have to replace some of the broken toilets that would not stop running.

clogged drains