The air conditioner is maintaining the temperature

Soon after I met my fiance, I learned that she was a huge sports fan. I had never been much into sports in the past. My father took me and my brother to a few baseball games growing up, but those were never all that fun for me. For my fiance, though, the games she attended with her dad were formative experiences.  She truly loved the excitement, the crowds, the games, and the whole experience. When she and I started attending games together, I realized I really did like it.  Sitting in the stadium was thrilling and fun because of the high energy level and excitement of the crowd. What I didn’t like was being seated in the Summer sun for hours without air conditioner. I am not a fan of the heat without climate control, and spending hours of the day in the beating sun wasn’t pleasurable. I could usually get over being a bit sweaty.   I stopped noticing the lack of air conditioning when the score was close. I definitely preferred the night games. Eventually, my fiance and I attended a game at an indoor stadium with HVAC and this was much better. The time of the game and the outside weather no longer mattered.  The venue’s air conditioner maintained the ideal temperature and handled the punishing mid-day heat. The thermostat was set to a comfortable temperature,  and both the seats and the indoor air quality were so much better than before. The improved air quality meant that I could focus on the game, rather than sweat and bake in the heat plus awful humidity. The cooling system made attending the various sporting events something I look forward to.