The air conditioned liquor store

I have to go to the mall tomorrow and I am dreading it. I am going with my mother and my grandmother. Going to the mall with the two of them is quite a spectacle. My grandmother always makes us stop at her liquor store before we even get to the mall. The liquor store run is the worst stop because it takes so long. You would think that a little old lady would not require so much booze. But my grandmother stocks up on Gin and Jack Daniels like the apocalypse is coming and the booze is going to be destroyed first. She has enough liquor that she would have been very popular during prohibition. Now I have nothing against her extreme drinking, I just hate the liquor store. It is always so heavily air conditioned. They do not need to cool any of the liquor bottles. Why would they waste money on air conditioning? Most people who shop there are just picking up a few things, except my grandmother. They do not need an active cooling system working on their temperature control. Really the business could save quite a bit of money on their monthly heating and cooling. They do not need any type of cooling at all. How about going with less air conditioning? They really take their A/C seriously that they always drive me right out of the store. I just do not think that liquor customers need cold temperatures to shop around. I’ll have to ask my grandma and see if she likes it.

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