The A/C seems to be running at full blast

I certainly love my children, but sometimes their constant complaining can make it difficult to be around them! I have four children, and it seems as though they make it a point to have completely different opinions about every little thing. They can never agree on what they want to eat, what movie to watch, or even what thermostat setting is best.  My oldest son likes having the thermostat set down to a cool 72 degrees, because he likes to wear heavy clothing and sleep under a mount ton of blankets. The younger son hates having the air conditioner running, and would love to crank the thermostat up to 79 degrees, even during the summer season! Of course, the youngest two don’t seem to really care about the thermostat setting.  He and his sister just enjoy arguing with the oldest two boys. My husband and I have gotten pretty talented at ignoring their fights over thermostat settings.  Just last weekend, however, we  had a difficult challenge on our hands. It rained all day, so all four kids were trapped in the house. Instead of playing together nicely, or watching cartoons together, they decided to argue about temperature control! The rain had caused horrible humidity, so the air conditioner was running at full blast. Of course, the four of them could not compromise on the air conditioning and there was no way to keep everyone comfortable. After about twenty minutes, I just ended up sending them to their rooms for the rest of the afternoon! I adore my four kids, but I can’t take it when they complain about the thermostat settings!

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