That Old House

A friend of mine just bought an older house a few days ago. It is over 50 years old and has good bones, but needs a lot of hard work. He invited me over to look at the new carpet and flooring he just had installed. Tile in the kitchen and hardwood in the living room and dining room. It is beautiful. He also picke out some paint for the exterior and will do the same for the interior soon. The only problem is that the house does not have a central HVAC system. It was not a feature that was readily available back when the house was built. He plans to have a central system installed ASAP but he does not have the money right now. In the meantime he is using box fans, window units, and ceiling fans. The house seems to retain the cool air pretty well, but will be no match for the heart of the Summer. In our region of the country, the summers are very hot, humid, and sticky. I do not envy the uncomfortable heat the family will face when Summer reaches its peak. I gave him the name and information for the HVAC service company I have been using for years. They do installations as well, but the closer it gets to Summer and the hotter it gets, the busier they are. I hope that he gets an appointment with them to have the central air conditioner installed before it gets too hot. If not, I hope he can at least get some portable units placed in each room.

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