Temperature control discussions

There is no doubt that I adore my children. However, I admit that sometimes their constant complaining can make it taxing to be around them! I have seven children, and each one has a  wildly different opinion about every little thing. They argue what to eat, what to watch on television, which superhero is best, and even the thermostat setting.  My oldest child always wants the thermostat set very low, because he wears thick hoodies and is always overheated. The middle child is very vocal about hating the air conditioner.  He’s always cold and prefers  to keep the temperature control set to 70 degrees, even during the summer.  Of course, my little ones don’t care about temperature or the air conditioner, but they just love to argue with everybody. My husband and I normally ignore their confrontations over everything from the last cookie to the temperature control settings.  Unfortunately, last weekend, the argument escalated.  It rained for three days straight, so the kids were trapped inside the house. Instead of playing nicely, they were busy bothering each other.  They decided to fight about temperature control! The rain had brought on the humidity, so the cooling system was blasting, and several of them wanted to turn it off.  Several wanted to turn the air conditioner up.  They were all reaching for the thermostat, pushing, and shoving, and I’d had enough.   I finally sent them to their rooms.  For once, the house was quiet and I set the thermostat to my preference.  

temperature control