Techno music

I recently went on a trip to go visit my brother. I wanted to fly because he lives far away, but a plane ticket just wasn’t in the budget at the time. I ended up having to take a nine hour bus ride there and back. I guess I was not dreading it too much, I don’t mind just putting my headphones in, listening to my music and checking out the scenery as I go. I packed all of my things and charged up my mp3 player and headed to the bus station. I stepped onto the bus and I tripped over my own feet. I didn’t go down, but my mp3 player did. It totally smashed. I was trying to fiddle with it once I sat down. The guy sitting next to me saw me. He kind of laughed at me, but he saved the trip. He pulled out an mp3 from his pocket, and said he grounded his son from using it and that I could borrow it while on the bus. I didn’t care what was on it, I would go crazy without music for nine hours, so I graciously accepted the offer. I started going through the music on it and it seems like mostly technoish EDM type of stuff. It was not what I normally listen to, but I was actually really digging it, this kid had some good taste in music. There was a pretty cool artist on there, Jean Glass. There was only one song though, ‘Arizona’, but I had it on repeat for like the length of 3 states. I definitely have a new appreciation for EDM after that road trip.