Stormy and Desiring Heat

Last week we suffered through a very cold and windy rainstorm. It was very out of place, considering it was the middle of the summer. The winds reached up to 75 miles per hour, and the temperature dropped to a frigid 40 degrees fahrenheit! The storm struck with no warning whatsoever. The weatherman predicted a clear, warm day! I work outdoors, so I got caught in it for about 30 minutes as we rushed to evacuate our work area. I finally made it into my truck ad turned the heat on as high as it could go. I drove to the main office, and entered the warmth of the min lobby. We just had our heating and cooling system serviced by the local HVAC business, so our furnace was working like new. The HVAC technician who had come out was very knowledgable in his profession, and was able to work out some kinks in our system. I’ve been working here for close to 20 years and pir heating and cooling system has never worked as well as it does now. As I sat there in the warmth of the furnace, I couldn’t help but think of my own furnace at home. The heating and cooling system at my house has been acting up lately. I may call this HVAC business and request the same HVAC technician that did such a great job at my workplace. Winter is coming, and with storms like the one we had today I want to make sure my furnace is ready for whatever the future holds! We tend to have cold winters, so maintaining your furnace is extremely important!